Here the clients required facilities for the personnel training of their horses and new liveries within the same yard. A 60m x 40m arena was required along with a lunging / turnout / warm up arena, stabling for the new liveries and provision for the parking of horse boxes. The careful consideration of site for the main arena to ensure shelter, accessibility to the stables and cost implications was neccessary. An area was selected that required cut and fill, excavating from one side and filing to the other to produce a level that corresponded to the access from the stabling. 

The design included a large berm created from uneccessary spoil to reduce the prevailing winds while riding. An access road was built from the enterance into the yard down to the main arena, here an area was left for a judging box and storage of jumps etc. Emphasis was  put on the integration of the arena to its surrounding landscape by creating gentle slopes and curves seeded out into grass giving asthetic benefits and the ability for spectators to stroll or watch from the adjacent bank.  


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