Every aspect of our work relates to delivering a final project that we can stand over and our clients are happy with. This involves careful planning and regular contact with clients to ensure that all needs and expectations are meet. 

This is reflected by the choice of materials, the lighting design, the properties of the soil, the drainage, installation of appropriate electrics and many other factors. Its not all just about a flat lawn, but what grass to use when sowing seeds, and what type of plants live well together.

Our goal at Dunn Landscapes is to try to bring this straightforward solution to sometimes complex garden design issues. Clients often suffer from poor drainage in their gardens, or need to make the most efficient use of their space by removing hedges and foliage, we aim to make this process as painless as possible the end result should appear harmonic with the existing surroundings leaving our clients with something that will give them years of pleasure.


How we demonstrate complete care.

Clients have their own password protected area of our website to review designs, see updated images and progress during the day and view quotes or invoices applicable to their project.

We believe no other landscape design company has invested more time and effort in their website than ourselves, to provide you with a modern day experience which like all of our work is built to the highest standards.

Our design drawings if requested will demonstrate an accurate artists impression of the finished product, examples of which can be seen in our portfolio section. Sometimes a client requires a simple sketch or just want to talk to us about their designs, it all begins with our initial contact together and we work together at every stage.