An area adjacent to the house and the garage which is used as an entertainment room lend itself to a courtyard which interlinks the two spaces. Set within a large country garden the courtyard gives shelter and an intimate space to relax,dine and entertain. A fire was built within a secluded semi circular structure with seating built into the outer wall. Either side of the fire has placing shelves for drinks and food to rest on. The positioning of the opening to this area draws the eye to the fire whether viewed from the house or the entrance into the garden also enhanced at night by subtle lighting making the space very welcoming.

A large seat has been incorporated into one of the raised planters allowing several family members to lie down amongst planting while looking out to the views in the distance and having the  children's play house visible. The raised planters help to enclose the space creating a room like atmosphere which is even more apparent when dining. 

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